Welcome to The Chadderbox Hobby Shop!

I'm Chad Fischer, AKA The Chadderbox.

I am a professional voice actor, father, husband, submarine veteran and above all, a lover of Pokémon and every other corner of the Nerdverse! We sell Cards, Comics, Collectibles, Puzzles, Model Kits, Board Games and so much more! This is what you will see on the surface, but I think we should go deeper.
I'm never good with short introductions. I also believe that the world of fantasy is best received when delivered through the words of great story tellers. So let's dive deeper into our history shall we!

In the 80's and 90's, my grandparents owned a cards, comics, and collectibles shop. As a young kid, I thought myself a prince to be involved in something so incredibly wondrous. An infinite magical world that never stopped churning out fantasy and wonderment. This storefront was their passion, and their calling. Unfortunately, Nerd Culture was an entirely different landscape prior to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The 90's may have been the strongest our economy has been in the last 50 years, but the Geekdoms were barely treading water. We call this period "The Dark Age" of comics. The push to grab more mature audiences was in full effect as profits had gone done and new comic readers started to steadily drop. In the Sports Card world this became known as the "Junk Wax Era" as sports cards were printed to the moon and Pro leagues licensed their name to anyone with a printer. All around, the early 90s created a harder struggle to stay afloat for Comic Shops than the COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdowns of 2020. My grandparents were forced to make the hard decision to close their doors. Every time I watch TV today and see amazing new trailers for the next Marvel or DC movie, I get a lump in my throat wishing my Grandma was here today to see what all of that meant for the future of pop culture. They may have been a casualty of the battle, but the war for the preservation of Nerd Culture was won, and it was no small victory. I have always dreamt of carrying on their legacy and opening my own Cards, Comics and Collectibles shop. It wasn't until the crazy over hyped Pokémon bubble and scalping crisis of 2021 that I found my way back to this dream.

The COVID-19 pandemic had many far sweeping impacts worldwide. Virtually every industry was struck with shortages due to shipping delays, slowed manufacturing, and general supply chain disruption. Towards the end of 2020, an influencer by the name of Logan Paul, who I'm sure needs no introduction, made a huge splash doing a booster box break of a rare 1st edition base set booster box. This lit the fuse to a global Pokémon powder-keg that would result in the worst Pokémon TCG landscape we have ever seen. With new technology, scalpers could track shipments and arrive at stores to clear shelves. Online botting tools could refresh 100 pages a second waiting for the newest product to be available and then using multiple accounts would instantly buy up the product and sell it on secondary markets like ebay, facebook, tcgplayer, and make MSRP a word of fiction. My middle daughter Emma and I hopped aboard the hype train right before it got really bad.

We moved to Texas the month after Logan Paul's box break and we started opening up Pokémon and My Little Pony cards together as a fun hobby we could share. She then had the idea to start up a Pokémon Youtube Channel (Seriously! It was actually her idea!). As we started opening up more and more packs we noticed the problem of scalping and low supply was getting much worse. Department stores were being picked clean, local game shops were scalping their own product under the excuse that, if they sold it at MSRP the scalpers would buy them out, so over charging was actually a kindness. Sorry, but that didn't fly with me. I had already met many of my local collectors as I was always standing in line at Gamestop or Target for the newest releases. I decided that I'd get my licenses and find distribution and start providing the local community the Pokémon product they wanted at MSRP! So I did just that. It was very easy for a while to flourish off just a little bit of honesty and transparency. No one was selling anywhere near MSRP so my sealed product flew off the shelf, then (POP). The Pokémon bubble popped before spring of 2022 and the mass exodus began. Scalpers were fleeing the scene in droves as they forecasted the Pokémon hype had reached its peak and was about to dip. The market got flooded with product that was being held by short sighted scalpers and resellers and the prices tanked. Those who were in it for the long term were faced with the hard decision of either losing money or making no sales. My prices were already the lowest and now I had to go even lower, with a profit margin that was already razor thin!?.

I decided to create my own website, to open a booth at the local farmers market, to start saving up capital, because this wasn't something I wanted to just give up on. Selling Pokémon cards became more than just a job, it was a community service. It was creating a tailored experience. The amount of social interaction I was able to engage in was incredible. Every week, I'd have great conversations with people of all ages and learn so many great stories that I realized this wasnt just your typical retail service. This was a community service, because these hobbies build communities. Now, I'm working hard every day to expand my inventory and provide more variation to satisfy all lovers of fantasy and fiction in my local community.